Air Conditioners Problems

The most common problem faced by an air conditioner is improper functioning. It is recommended that whenever you switch on an air conditioner and want it to function well, close all the doors and windows in that room so that no outside air can enter the room. In fact, to put it simply the area which you want to be cooled with the help of an air conditioner needs to be shut off from the rest of the house. Some of the other problems in an air conditioner are faulty installation, poor servicing and lack of maintenance. The right kind of installation is highly important for an air conditioner.

Now let us have a look at some of the problems commonly faced by an air conditioner:

• Refrigerant leak is a common problem. However, the reasons of refrigerant leak could be many. It can be that the system was undercharged during the installation or it leaks. In such a scenario simply adding a refrigerant is not the solution. Rather a better option is to call a trained technician who can inspect the exact fault and take care of it accordingly.

• A faulty wiring of the system could make the air conditioner function improperly. In fact, an improper wiring can cause a fire incident and sometimes can also prevent the system from getting power. In case, you realize that your system has a faulty wiring call in an electrician or a HVAC professional who can easily fix the problem.

• The position of the sensor in the right place is of utmost importance. The sensor should be near the coil but should not touch it. If the sensor is not in the right place the machine could behave in an erratic manner. You can correct its position by bending the wire that holds it in place.

• Drainage problem is another common problem observed in air conditioners. Especially room air conditioners which are not mounted at a proper level might experience light to heavy drainage problem.

• Malfunctioning of the outside fan. The outside fan is that part of the air conditioner that carries out the unwanted heat from the room to the outside. If the outside fan is not working properly, the heat transfer will not be desirable and you will not be able to experience a comfortable temperature within the room.

• A frozen coil. When there is a frozen coil in your air conditioner it means that there is some problem with the airflow. It may be so that obstructions are caused by dirty air filters or frozen return air duct work. On the other hand frozen indoor coils mean that the appliance is low on refrigerant.

However, it must be noted here that cleaning of the air conditioner might be something that you can probably carry out all by yourself but when there is a need to address the coolant or any other part of the air conditioner it is better to get in touch with a trained HVAC professional. They will be best suited to take care of all problems related to an air conditioner.

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