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The word HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is basically all systems combined into one. Warmed or cooled and dehumidified air flows through a series of tubes called ducts to be distributed to all the rooms in the house. In fact, a central HVAC system is the most convenient way to cool an entire home. Like many other appliances in the recent years HVAC systems have also increased their energy efficiency, so proper maintenance and upgrade of the HVAC appliance can enhance the comfort level of the users. However, in many instances it has been seen that various HVAC companies offer extended service contracts. Sometimes, these extended contracts can be a benefit while in certain cases it can be quite irritating.

The service contract is generally between the HVAC service provider or company and the user. The basic contract include a check-up and tune-up to ensure that the heating system functions properly in the heating season and the air conditioner gives proper cooling during the summer season. These service contracts include protection against parts and problems that are found during those checkups and services. However, it must be noted here that more number of facilities the service contracts include, higher is the expense borne by the user.

Some of the features that are common to most of the HVAC service agreement include:

• The system controls are checked for correct function

• All the moving parts in the system are lubricated

• The electric connections are secured

• The thermostat operation and setting is verified

• The condensate drain is inspected

Additional steps can be included in these service contracts depending on whether a heating or a cooling system is being examined. For example, a cooling appliance has evaporator coils that has to be checked to ensure its proper functioning while in case of a heating appliance it is pertinent to check the heat exchanger and the burner.

However, it has been seen that homeowners are not much interested to buy HVAC service contracts. This is basically due to the high cost involved. In fact, the cost can be anything between $150 and $500 in a year depending on the amount of services that is offered.

Disclaimer: Although the above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

In case, your system is new, you are spared from bearing the high service cost because the system is still under warranty and the cost is borne by the HVAC Company.

The next question that might come to one’s mind is the frequency of servicing an HVAC system. In general, it is a good practice to get the system checked twice in a year.

Last but not the least, it is recommended to get in touch with a reputed HVAC company for the servicing of your system so that you get a genuine service and need not have to face any problem in the long run.

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