SimpleConnect Programmable Control with On/Off Remote
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Being comfortable and cool just got easier. The SimpleConnect Programmable Control with Bluetooth technology from Hunter is the next big thing in home automation. Let's face it, there's a smartphone app for everything so why shouldn't you have 1 for your ceiling fan. Now you can with Hunter's SimpleConnect Programmable Control with Bluetooth. The SimpleConnect comes with a Bluetooth compatible receiver, Bluetooth plug-in wall controller, and a simple on/off handheld remote control. Set up is fast in easy with only 3 steps; Install the receiver, plug in the SimpleConnect Bluetooth controller into a wall outlet, and download the app (Available for Apple and Android). The SimpleConnect app allows you to schedule your fan to fit your lifestyle. Set your fan to turn on when you're home and off when you aren't. The lights on your fan are also able to be programmed to turn on and off when you want them to and there is even a security feature that will randomly turn the ceiling fan lights on and off between 6 AM and 10 PM to make it appear that someone is home while you are not. For those who prefer to fall asleep with the fan on there is also a sleep timer feature that turns the fan off so you can go to sleep with the fan on for a cool breeze and wake up with the fan off so you're not chilled. SimpleConnect is also expandable so with the addition of optional receivers you can control multiple fans with 1 Bluetooth wall control.

  • SimpleConnect comes with a bluetooth compatible receiver, bluetooth plug-in wall controller, and a simple on/off handheld remote control
  • Phone compatibility works with the majority of smartphones iOS 7.1 or higher and android 4.3 or higher
  • Can be accessed by multiple phones in your home
  • Simple 3 step installation process
  • In-app scheduling allows you to set your fan and or lights to be on when you are home, and off when you aren't
  • In-app sleep timer
  • In-app security feature allows you to set your ceiling fan light to randomly turn on and on between 6 am to 10 pm
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Expandable with additional optional receivers, control multiple fans with 1 bluetooth wall control
  • Hand held remote control turns fan on/off and light on/off
  • Full range dimming from app with dimmable lamp types
  • App only works while in range of the bluetooth plug-in controller
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